Iceberg Molding is a custom manufacturer specializing in blow molding manufacturing.

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Welcome to Iceberg, LLC

Experience and expertise

Iceberg Molding serves as the contract manufacturing and fulfillment solution for companies that require high quality blow molded products and service.  We help experienced product development firms and companies that are new to blow molding, produce a cost effective product and distribution plan that meets the needs of even the most demanding customers.  Iceberg Molding can provide your team with everything from a simple molded part shipped in bulk to your factory, and as complicated as a multi part finished good assembly drop shipped to your customer on demand.  We have experience and expertise that you won’t find in other blow mold contract manufacturing providers.   

If you’re new to blow molding or an experienced professional and would like more information, please contact us by filling out your information  and we will contact you immediately.

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Blow Molding Services

We offer custom blow molding services to create hollow pieces which can be beneficial for lightweight constructions of all kinds. We utilize a variety of single and twin headed presses which provide improved capacity and efficiency.