Manufacturing & Logistical Services

While we specialize in blow molding manufacturing of plastic products, we handle a wide range of other production manufacturing and logistical services.


Plastic Injection Molding Services

In conjunction with our blow molding services, Penguin, LLC possesses injection molding capabilities, used in the production of sub-assemblies for plastic products including office furniture, folding tables, stacked chairs, and more. Our injection molding equipment can handle shot sizes from 1 oz. up to 13 lbs., and offers clamping forces from 260 to 1000 tons. We work with plastics including polypropylene, and can produce large- or small- scale parts, as well as multi-component pieces.


Metal Fabrication Services

A fully integrated facility, Penguin, LLC maintains metal fabrication equipment in addition to our blow molding and injection molding capability. This enables us to provide cost-effective service to our customers for parts with both plastic and metal components. Examples of our metal fabrication service in practice include blow molded tables with folding metal frames, and folding chairs with both plastic and metal components. At Penguin, LLC, all of these processes can be carried out under one roof.

Our metal fabrication capabilities include bending, roll forming, machining, progressive die stamping, welding, riveting, and more. We can fabricate pieces using steel coil or steel tube. Material thicknesses that we can handle range from 12 to 28 gauge metal. Our quality control services cover all plastic and metal fabrication and include CMM, batch control, date coding, and several others, all available upon request.


Powder Coating Services

Penguin, LLC features a full powder coating line typically used in support of metal frame and structural fabrication to provide a smooth, uniform, and protective final coat.

The powder coating process is carried out using a 3 stage washer to etch parts prior to coating, employing both automatic and manual spray guns, finished in a curing oven to bake and set the coat. We work with quantities, as required by customers, offering standard 3-week turnaround times, with rush services available.


Logistics Services

In addition to our plastic manufacturing service, Penguin, LLC offers extensive expertise in logistics and fulfillment, including re-labeling, re-packing, shipment tracking and notification, warehouse management, supply chain management, outbound logistics, and inventory management. Our 240,000 sq. ft. warehouse enables us to meet a variety of logistics needs for our customers, and we are UCC 128 capable and can service the needs of big box retailers.

Our warehouse is also equipped with an Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) fire suppression system. Located off the I-80/90 Indiana Toll Road, we are centrally located and are pleased to serve U.S. destinations in all material handling, fulfillment, and logistical needs involved in manufacturing and delivery. For more information, please contact Penguin, LLC today.