Blow Molding Manufacturing Services

Blow molding is a cost-effective solution to the quick production of plastic products. This means higher quantities in a shorter period of time. Find out why we are the leaders in the blow molding industry.

Blow Molding

Blow molding is a high volume, cost effective manufacturing process for plastic products. It provides designers and manufacturers flexibility and efficiency. The Blow molding process is simple but effective. High pressure air fills a soft plastic parison to “blow” the plastic to fill the mold cavity creating a high strength, light weight, and hollow part.

Experience equals perfection

Let our over 161 years of blow molding experience help you design and produce cost effective products that will exceed your expectations.  We can help you work through the complicated process of selecting the best process to support your plastic product requirements.  

Plastic products production comparison

Mold Cost Moderate Low High
Mold Revision Moderate Moderate High
Part Cost Low High Low
Design Options Many Moderate Moderate
Production Volume Low to High Low High

Our Capabilities at a glance:

  • 150,000 sqft manufacturing facility
  • 400,000 sqft of warehouse space
  • Full range of secondary operation solutions including assembly, packaging, and shipping.